Walk A Country Mile With Bob Brandon
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It All Comes Back To The Music
Walk A Country Mile is a different show every week.  We base our playlist on the songs that were hits from each week. We use our own Country Mile charts, and your requests.  Our library contains nearly every country song to ever hit the top ten.  That's a lot of music,  from seven different decades. 

We've searched yard sales, online and in radio station basements to locate these valuable pieces of American musical history.  Sometimes the original is in bad shape, which requires some digital TLC. 

We're in the process of compiling our year-end countdown of the all-time favorite country stars.  Be sure to click the link and cast your vote to the left.  Then tune in and listen to the songs that debuted or peaked for the week in country music.

You can also make a Long Distance Requests on this page just to the left.  Everyone has a song that touches them deeply. Let us know why a certain song is special to you, and we may feature your song and story in an upcoming broadcast.

If you can't find Walk A Country Mile in your town, call your local radio station and ask for us by name. Walk A Country Mile with Bob Brandon.
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